General Information About the Ride


CaNDak Rest Stops

CaNDak has worked with organizations and groups to set up rest stops every 10-20 miles along the route.  Rest stops will have available snack/food and drink items for rider's to purchase.  Items range from $1.00 to $10.00.  Rest stops allow riders to take a break, interact with others, and get something to eat/drink.  At each rest stop, bathrooms/porta-potties and water will be available.  Refer to your trip sheet with the information on the location of rest stops.

SAG Wagons

CaNDak Sag Wagons will sweep the route throughout the day, and bring up the rear to pick up those riders who break down physically or mechanically.  Please use a "thumbs down" signal to let the drivers know you need help.  Sag Wagons will either transport you to the next rest stop if you would like to continue riding or to the next host community if you are unable to finish that days route.  We encourage you to use the Sag Wagon when needed.
If the riders get spread out too far within the day's route, CaNDak officials have the discretion to mandate that riders sag to the next rest stop or to a safe stopping point closer to the rider group.  This is due to safety concerns of CaNDak having to sag many miles along each day's route in order to ensure full patrol for the entire rider group.

Luggage Loading and Unloading

Be sure to have your luggage at the luggage truck by 8:00am each morning.  The truck will leave shortly after that.  The trucks will load where they unloaded the day before.  You are responsible for transporting your luggage to and from the truck.  Please see luggage requirements under Luggage & Bike Tags below.

Rider's Tags

Each rider will receive a rider's wrist band that is color coded for which meal plan you choose or if you choose no meal plan.  This MUST be worn at all times as it gives riders access to CaNDak services along the route.

Luggage and Bike Tags

Each rider will receive 2 luggage tags & 1 bike tag.  Luggage tags permit you to put your gear on the CaNDak Luggage trucks.  Each rider is only allowed TWO bags that must NOT weigh more than 40lbs each.  No external strapping; do not use containers or garbage bags for packing purposes.  We suggest packing your clothing & bedding in waterproof bags.

Daily Trip Sheets

Daily route maps and itinerary will be provided to the riders- please refer to these daily.  The exact route will also be clearly marked on the right side of the road.

Planning for Your Ride


CaNDak is a ride not a race.  You will get the most out of it if you are in good shape.  The route averages 375 - 440 miles with daily mileage ranging from 35 to 70 with a century option available to test your stamina.  Terrain in North Dakota can vary from flat at wheat fields to steep hills.  If you are unable to complete the ride, you are responsible for your own transportation back to Velva.

You may begin each morning at sunrise, officially 6 a.m.  Riding in the dark is foolish as North Dakota enjoys 16 hours of daylight during the summer.  Please plan to ride at a speed that will enable you to finish each day before sundown.  CaNDak will continue on schedule in all weather conditions.  Weather & temperature can greatly vary (40 to 100 degrees) this time of year so be prepared.  If riders veer off the established route, they must let a CaNDak official know their intentions.  We are concerned about your whereabouts and well-being.  

What To Bring

Put your name & address on everything you bring!

Bicycle Equipment:  Small bicycle repair kit, lock and cable, helmet (required), rear view mirror, water bottles, pump, bike gloves, bike rack, bike bag, plastic seat cover.

Camping Gear:  Duffel bags, sleeping bag, pillow, pad, tent, ground cloth, rope, stakes, hammer, head lamp, flashlight.

Toiletries:  Towel, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, skin lotion, shampoo, soap, razor, nail clippers, brush/comb, hair ties / barrettes, deodorant, mirror, toilet paper, hand sanitizer.

Clothes:  T-shirts, shorts, jacket, pants, warm-up suits, underwear, socks, shoes, shower shoes, pajamas, swimsuit, rain coat, sweatbands, bandanas, and handkerchief.  We suggest packing your clothing and bedding in waterproof bags.  Bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.

First Aid:  Pain medicine, vitamins, band aids, gauze, tape, first aid cream, lip balm, sunblock, insect repellent, safety pins, special medicines, sanitary protection, ace wrap, and disposable bags.

Money:  Snacks/food & drinks will be available to purchase at rest stops, every 10-15 miles along the route at host communities.  Rest Stop items range from $1.00 to $10.00 so plan accordingly.  CaNDak or community souvenirs will also be available.  Bring extra money for other meals if you chose to not buy the meal plan.  Plan money in case of need for bike repairs or supplies from CaNDak's bike mechanic.

Miscellaneous:  Journal, pens, spare glasses, pencils, scouting knife, camera, sunglasses, watch, ear plugs, ID, money, traveler's checks, credit cards, stamps, address book, rain protection, and Ziploc bags. 

Pets:  We request pets not be brought on the tour.

General Accommodations


Tent Camping

Areas will be set aside by each community on school grounds or city or state parks.  Most riders will choose this option and is part of your registration fee.


Some support vehicles will travel with campers along the route.  Please specify on your registration form if your support vehicle will need accommodations for a camper.  Depending on where our camping facility is, camper accommodations could be very primitive.  CaNDak Staff Campers will get priority over camper accommodations available first.


Option may be available depending on the community.  The rider is responsible for arranging this accommodation if you choose to use this option.  

Meal Accommodations

CaNDak has made arrangements with local groups to have breakfast and supper available at each host community.  Meal plans are a separate charge included on your registration form and are in addition to the price of the tour.