What would you like to ask?

When is CaNDAK each year?
CaNDAK is each first full week in August.  (Saturday-Saturday)

Where in North Dakota is CaNDAK located?
The ride begins in Bottineau, ND.

What is the route terrain like?
Terrain in North Dakota can vary from flat wheat fields to steep hills.  Some routes travel through the Kildeer Mountains or Turtle Mountains.  Elevation maps for the current tour will be available with the trip sheets on the current ride page.

What is the weather like in August?
The temperatures range from lows at night in the 40s to highs during the day in the 100s.  Normally, North Dakota is breezy with winds averaging 8 - 18 mph and can be stormy or hot.  Make sure to pack rain gear and put clothing in plastic bags inside your suitcases.

What type of clothing should I pack?
Make sure to bring along wind gear, rain gear, biking attire, a helmet, and swimsuits for town pools.  Bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions.

Do the rides have a theme?
The themes vary from year to year and are related to history, ethnicity, geography, or nature.

Will there be access to showers?
Showers are available at each nightly stop through the local schools, pools, or homes in the community.  In addition, CaNDAK provides the Great North Dakota Water Shed, which is a portable shower house that houses 4 single shower units.

What do I do for meals?
CaNDAK has made arrangements with local groups to have breakfast and supper available at each host community.  Meals plans are a separate charge included on yoru registration form and are in addition to the price of the tour.  See application form for pricing; there are three different meal plan options available: Supper, Breakfast, and full meal plan.  Meal plans MUST be purchased prior to the tour; they will not be sold on registration day or during the tour.  If you choose to not purchase the meal plan, Supper meals will be on your own at local restaurants, etc.

Lunch meals are on your own at local restaurants or at the CaNDAK Rest Stops.  Rest Stops along the route (approx. every 10-15 miles) each day will have food and drinks available for purchase- pricing ranges from $0.50-$10.00.

How do I haul my luggage?
Color-coded luggage tags are provided for two bags that can be put on the CaNDAK luggage truck.  The luggage cannot exceed 40 pounds each and should have no external strapping.  No containers can be used as luggage.  We suggest packing your clothing & bedding in waterproof bags.

Can I bring my pet?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on tour, due to a previous issue when a pet bit a rider.

How much extra spending money should I bring?
Snacks/food & drinks will be available to purchase at rest stops, every 10-15 miles along the route, ranging from $1.00 to $10.00.  CaNDak or community souvenir will be available for purchase.   Bring extra money for food if you wish to each lunch or other meals outside of our rest stops and host community pre-paid meal plans.  Plan money in case of need for bike repairs or supplies from CaNDAK's bike mechanic.

How do I get to Bottineau, ND?

What sleeping accommodations are available?
CaNDAK is a camping tour, so most cyclists camp in the town's provided areas.  Depending on the community, there are some motels or bed & breakfasts available. CaNDAK Support vehicles may bring campers, but please specify on your registration form if they will be.

A hotel/motel/B&B list is available under the Current Tour tab, the rider is responsible for arranging this accommodation if you choose to use this option. (Those not staying in the CaNDAK Campground must make other arrangements to have their gear transported to and from the luggage truck.  This is not CaNDAK's responsibility, we recommend bringing a small bag with you and take only the luggage needed for that night with you, other luggage can be left in the truck.)